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The Western Wall

The Western (Wailing) Wall - today the symbol of the current covenant between God and Gods people. The Western Wall is considered by some mistakenly wall was destroyed in the year 70 AD Second Temple of Prayers at the Western WallJerusalem by the Romans.


Prayers at the Western Wall

In fact - it is a wall, which was built under Herod around the Temple. It is believed that this exaltation - an attempt to rebuild the Temple, ended in failure: the part of the wall being built on the builders fell, and killed several dozen people and therefore also called the wall "Crying". In the prophecy of Jesus Christ - weeping about the fate of Jerusalem was told that there will not remain a stone, so the wall - is a more recent erection - an attempt is said to recovery.There is a tradition to write a request to God and leave notes in the wall. Periodically clean the wall of notes

There is a tradition to write a request to God and leave notes in the wall. Periodically clean the wall of notes

In 1967, after the Six Day War - the Jewish side of the wall moved. To restore to the wall in front of which was a dump, we had to destroy the "Moroccan Quarter" and a mosque built in the XII century. Destroy Mosque El Aksa to rebuild the Temple - it is not yet possible

The area of ​​the wall covers 57 square meters. The wall itself - 18 meters high and 48 meters in Din is divided into two portions: a portion for men and women. The area is open with no problems for non-Jews. All are in front of her control check for iron. Permission is also removed all the days except Shabbat and holidays. Men - according to Jewish tradition - must be suitable to the wall with his head covered, and married women also pray with her ​​head covered with a scarf. The area is open 24 hours a day. Photo of the Western Wall in 1873


Photo of the Western Wall in 1873

The Internet is also possible to connect the clock to hang on the wall of the prayer:

Стена Плача в Иерусалиме


The Western Wall live

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